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Agro Business

The crop protection and seeds industries offer products that provide essential support to modern agriculture. Both industries have been fundamental to the agricultural productivity improvements that have enabled food production to increase alongside population and economic growth. These improvements have come almost entirely from increasing crop yields. The area of land under cultivation has expanded very little in recent years.

Our products protect yields and improve quality by controlling weeds, diseases or insects. These products can be applied to the plant or to the soil, and certain fungicides and insecticides can also be used as seed treatments. Herbicides are applied either before the crop grows out of the soil (pre-emergence) or after the crop has emerged from the soil (post-emergence).

The performance of Insecticides and Professional Products was particularly encouraging, and sales of Selective Herbicides, the largest product line, were up after several years of decline. Modernization of the product portfolio continued to be a prime focus throughout the year.